Wild Scotland Supported Holiday

Discover the wilds of Scotland and all its flora and fauna.

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* All prices are inclusive of flights, accommodation, meals, activities, transport and support staff. Prices are subject to support needs.

Wildlife Photography Holiday

Trailer for our Wildlife Photography Holiday

Picture of Amy in action, photographing Griffon Vultures in the Gorges du Verdon.  Picture of Hugo and Jasmine photographing butterflies.

This film shows the results of our 2015 Wildlife Photography film. It will give you a good insight in to what you should expect to see and experience.

We captured this around the back of the Go Provence house. What do you think it is? Experts say a Raccoon Dog.


To ensure that we give you the correct level of support we rely on the information that you supply to us. You must complete our questionnaire, which you can download or we can send to you in the post, and we encourage communication by telephone to guarantee we have all the information we need. From this information we build a care plan/risk assessment for your supported holiday. This maximises your opportunity for a fun and safe holiday with us.

We can arrange that you are supported on your trip from the UK to the holiday destination. We will meet you at a designated airport or train station and support you on the aeroplane or train. We make sure you will be supported back to the UK again after your holiday.

Our staffing levels are at a ratio of 4 staff to 7 holiday makers. Staff will be present at all times throughout the duration of your holiday. Staff are able to administer your medication including insulin.  Should we decide that you require some additional support from home we will suggest this in your care plan. We keep the price to a minimum for any support staff that accompany you. We will keep a feedback form that records, in a diary like format, your day to day activities as well as any medication you take or additional medication that you take , for example, if you need paracetamol for a headache. All is recorded and we will email this home to you after your holiday.

We also create a Whatsapp group for each holiday so that your family, friends and support at home can share your holiday moments.  This is not only useful for you to share your photos, but also keeps open the communication between you and everyone on your holiday with home. 

Food and Drink

Introducing our chef Christine.  She not only is our fabulous chef, but she is also caters for the stars.  Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cliff Richards and other rock stars too.  Remember you will be eating the same cheese sandwich style as Elton John and the same chocolate mousse as Diana Ross. 

Enjoy some toast and French coffee for breakfast on the terrace overlooking the panoramic view of the Plateau de Valensole.  Whilst out for the day you can experience the delights of our picnic lunch, with home-made salad, French baguette, cheese and fresh fruit. And take your time over dinner with dishes such as ratatouille with pasta, or roast chicken with potato wedges and seasonal vegetables.

All of our meals are made from scratch, and fruit and vegetables are sourced locally. If you have particular requirements (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free etc), just let us know and we'll adapt the menu.

Meal times at the house normally take place in the garden or on the terrace, so you can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and good company to the full.

Neil Manser is the Go Provence chef and often welcomes holiday makers into the kitchen to help out. See him in action making his famous vegeburgers.