Terms and Conditions

The Client must complete a booking form in full and return it with a deposit of 25% of the full cost of the holiday on confirmation of reservation.
Full payment of the balance is due 30 days prior to the holiday commencement. Failure to pay may result in your holiday being cancelled without a refund.

For all foreign holidays, comprehensive travel insurance is essential.

Most holidays require a minimum number of people to make them viable. Should we fail to achieve the minimum numbers required on the client’s holiday, or any event in our opinion renders the holiday unsafe, we reserve the right either to return the clients monies without further compensation or offer the client an alternative holiday. We would normally try to give the client a month’s notice in such an event

The Clients holiday package is inclusive of basic support and supervision, providing always that we are informed of the true nature of the clients disability and given a reasonable amount of information regarding their needs, which must include any details of behavioural disorders, and any behaviour which might prove unacceptable to members of the public. Failure to disclose information that may result in requiring extra care needs may result in the termination of your holiday with no entitlement to a refund. On receipt of the booking form, we will review each client’s needs and we may levy an extra charge if we deem it necessary. It is imperative that the booking form is completed fully as this does constitute a care plan for those requiring extra support.

The package includes full board, which will on most days include some form of picnic or sandwich meal for lunch and a cooked meal on an evening. Accommodation will normally be in a shared room (normally 2 or 3 to a room). Single rooms are sometimes available, for which there is an extra charge, and should be requested at the time of booking.

Holidays begin at the venue, or at an airport or port as notified. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are at the departure point or venue in plenty of time, and although we would always endeavour to wait as long as possible, we cannot be held responsible if we have to begin the holiday without the client due to their late arrival. It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are met at the venue or arrivals point at the port or airport promptly and appropriately.
We do not agree to care for the client’s luggage, which is the client’s responsibility. We will however, agree to assist the client with their luggage at their request, or as needs arise, but cannot accept liability for it or for any damage howsoever caused. For this reason we recommend the client takes out insurance.

Not included in the package are:-

1. Personal items of expenditure such as cards, gifts, confectionery, etc.
2. Transport to and from home to the meeting point or venue
3. Medical expenses
4. Postage
5. Telephone calls
6. Anything not specifically included and notified to the client in writing as part of the package are excluded and for which cost the client is personally liable. The client must ensure that they have sufficient monies to meet these needs.

We also do not include in our costs personal travel insurance, or cancellation insurance or taxes as may be levied by governments (excepting airport tax notified to us at the time of booking the flights) or tips.

We will endeavour to send details of travel times, meeting points, clothes lists and other information in good time for the client’s holiday, however, we must advise the client that flight times, etc. can change at short notice and are outside of our control. In this event we would make every effort reasonable to contact the client and advise the client of the change.

The client is responsible for ensuring that they have a valid passport.

If requested we will arrange for the safe keeping of certain items and some amounts of currency, provided it is understood that we will not be held liable for their loss or damage and that these items are insured.

Luggage space is often limited, so we request that clients only bring one item of luggage with them, and restrict it to a medium sized suitcase or equivalent. Wheelchairs and personal aids, or large items of luggage must be advised to us in writing, before the commencement of the holiday.

If you are sharing a room it will be with someone of the same sex.

Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle or accommodation. Smoking is permitted in the garden of the accommodation.

Please note that the term ‘client’ means the person taking the holiday or the person or organisation that undertakes to make the booking on their behalf and is thereby deemed to be their representative. The person signing the booking form is held contractually liable for the booking. The booking of a holiday and completion of the booking form implies acceptance of these conditions.

All client's clothes are washed regularly during their holiday by staff.

Clients will be supported to look after their items of clothing. Should items of clothing go missing we cannot be held responsible for this.

We include a selection of holiday photographs that are sent to the client after the holiday. Whilst we try our best to ensure everyone is equally featured in the photographs, we cannot guarantee that this may always happen.

The majority of our food is local produce. All our meals are made from scratch. We offer only healthy snacks and drinks. We do not buy fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets.

A comprehensive daily journal is kept to log details of the following:
Activities, illness, accidents, liquid consumption, medication given, unusual behaviour. This journal will be handed to the carer/guardian/family member on our return or at our earliest convenience.

We sometimes have a dog present during the holiday.

We conduct a full health and safety talk at the beginning of each holiday, regardless of if you have been before.

We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to clients.

If the questionnaire/contract is insufficiently completed, for example, we may not have been advised of a challenging behaviour, we have the right to terminate the client's holiday during the holiday and arrange for them to be supported back home, with all costs being charged to the client.

These terms and conditions apply to all clients and support workers who book holidays with Go Provence Supported Holidays Ltd and The Blue Sky Fund.